What stage to use fallout remover?

You should use a fallout remover after you have washed and rinsed your car. Once your car has been cleaned with shampoo and rinsed, then it is time to use fallout remover. The idea behind this is that all of the dirt has been removed, and all you’re left with is potential fallout particles that need removing. Only after you’ve done the fallout remover stage would you then move onto claying your car.

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A fallout remover will remove iron shavings that come from brake pads of cars, trucks and buses from the road. To the naked eye, they’re invisible but a fallout remover will highlight in purple (much like a wheel cleaner does) if there is any fallout on your paint. It makes complete sense for your car to be as clean as possible before attempting this stage – there really isn’t much point doing it before you wash.

Below we’ve listed our top fallout remover products for you to use;

  1. Bilt Hamber Korrosol
  2. Gtechniq W6 Iron and Fallout Remover
  3. Adam’s Iron Remover