What is the glossiest Quick Detailer (QD)?

Without question, I have found Adam’s Detail Spray to be the glossiest quick detailer. It is on the more expensive side in relation to other quick detailers out there but it does provide one of the best finishes I’ve seen. It gives an excellent amount of gloss and is so easy to use. It doesn’t leave any residues or streaking of any kind and smells pretty good too.

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Another quick detailer that provides quite a glossy finish is Meguiars Quick Detailer. It is a fairly concentrated product, thus lasts quite a lot on your microfibre towel. One thing to remember with quick detailers is that they should be used to add some depth and gloss to the paintwork after a wash or on a very clean car.

Lets say, for example, your car was cleaned and has been driven once and put in the garage. You’ve left it 2 weeks and want to go out, but some light dust has settled in your garage and you want your car to look as glossy as possible – that’s where a quick detailer comes in. Sometimes people mistake a quick detailer as something that they can use on a car that isn’t clean. It isn’t a way to cheat and not do the washing process. There is obviously a high chance of a car being scratched if there is too much dirt on the surface – so be very careful.

Me personally, I’d only use quick detailer as a drying aid if I wasn’t using any other product in that particular wash. So for example, if I was appying a particular wax/sealant that session then I would avoid using the quick detailer. However, if it was the 3rd-4th wash in, then I would use the Adam’s Detail Spray as a top up to the finish and for some extra protection.