What does a full car detail include?

A full car detail will usually include the thorough cleaning of every external surface and everything inside the car. This depends, obviously, who/which company you are looking at and what they classify as a ‘full’ car detail. When talking externally we’re obviously talking all panels, glass, wheels, wheel arches and even the car undercarriage. Internally would be the usual car seats, car mats but in addition to that the car pedals, upper dashboard, door interior, and any dust within the ventilation system.

The easiest way to put it would be, a full car detail is every possible area on the outside and inside of your car. Previously I mentioned it depends on who/which company is listing it as a full detail, so it would be wise to ask what their definition of a full detail is and exactly what it includes before going ahead.

If you’re looking at getting into do-it-yourself detailing, then take a look around our site for more information – here is a quick link to our overall detailing guide.