Best Snow Foam

Wet or Dry before Snow Foam?

Applying snow foam to a dry car is best, in our opinion. It allows for the snow foam to dwell and soften all of the dirt on the car. The snow foam will be more concentrated this way. There won’t be much of a difference though if you apply it when the car is wet – it just means you’ll do an extra stage in the washing process.

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Using a pressure washer to get rid of dirt before snow foam seems a bit counter-intuitive and one could argue if you’re going to do that what’s the point of using the Snow Foam next? Some have valid points, suggesting that pressure washing gets rid of the bulk of the dirt and leave the snow foam to attack the less stubborn pieces of dirt.

Think about soaking your dishes – the longer you leave it to soak the easier the dirt is to remove. Our preference has been to wash cars dry allowing the snow foam to be as concentrated as it should be and not be diluted by excess water on a wet car. We also find it sticks/clings to the car a lot better – perfect for cleaning and those Instagram shots!

Our reccomended Snow Foam to use would be the Bilt Hamber AutoFoam.

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Our reccomended Snow Foam Lance to use would be the Autoglym Snow Foam Lance.

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