traffic film remover (TFR) good for washing car?

Traffic Film Remover (TFR), good for washing a car?

Yes, Traffic Film Remover is good for washing your car. They are designed as a deep cleaning product, and remove dirt/grease with ease. You need to remember that if can remove traffic film with ease then it must be fairly aggressive. This is why people do not use Traffic Film Remover (TFR) regularly and will use it perhaps once every 6 months for a deep clean. It is important that Traffic Film Remover (TFR) is mixed at the correct dilution because it can be too harsh on paintwork.

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Our suggestion would be to use it maybe once every 6-12 months for a deep clean, and stick to Snow Foam as a ‘traffic film remover’ – it is much less aggressive on paint work. Traffic Film Remover will often remove any wax/sealant placed on the car, so bare that in mind (snow foam will not). Therefore, the only time you want to be considering using Traffic Film Remover is when you want to fully degrease your car and are ready to apply a new sealant/wax to it.

A lot of car wash places will use TFR to aggressively remove traffic film, dirt because it will provide fast results. Considering you’re on a detailing website, I’m sure you wouldn’t use them but just bare in mind that the fast results come at a cost of removing pre-existing wax/sealant and if they’re not mixed carefully could even cause damage!

Leaving it to a company is sometimes best, and we’ve found the Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover to work quite well. It comes pre-diluted and claims to not strip wax or sealant.

We found an excellent video which makes a comparison between Snow Foam and Traffic Film Remover;