does snow foam really work?

Does snow foam really work?

Yes, snow foam really works. Applying snow foam to your car softens the dirt that is on your car, allowing dirt to be washed off easily without physically touching – hence reducing the chance of scratches. Just don’t expect yourself to snow foam a car and be done with it.

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Whilst it will not allow for a 100% touchless wash, it does a pretty good job and removing the bulk of the dirt and is worth adding in as a pre-wash stage. It is particularly good at removing road salt in the winter months which is a complete nightmare.

does snow foam really work?

The best snow foam that I have found is the Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. It foams like you see in Snow Foam YouTube videos, and has the best cleaning power of any snow foam I have used. Another recommended Snow Foam to use would be the Autoglym Polar Blast.