Best Car Drying Towel

Car Drying: 15 Things you should know

In this article, we take a look at 15 things you should know about drying your car.

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What is the best thing to dry your car with? Best way to dry a car without scratching? How do I dry my car after detailing?

It is best to dry your car with a plush microfibre towel. Preferably one with a high GSM as this will mean it will absorb a lot of water and will make the entire process a lot easier. There is nothing worse than spending time wringing out a towel every panel wipe you do. Good microfibre towels can easily allow you to absorb the water from half of the car before you need to wring out the towel.

Is it ok to let your car air dry? Are you supposed to dry your car after you wash it? What happens if you don’t dry car after wash?

Yes, it is ok to let your car air dry. Do, however, bear in mind that this can lead to water spots left on your panels and in particular your windows. The severity of this will depend on what the water is like in your area. It is usually, therefore, recommended to wipe your car using a microfibre towel with some form of quick detailer to minimise friction on the surface and further reduce the possibility of water spots being left.

How can I dry my car faster?

There are a number of ways you can dry your car faster. If you’ve got a good wax/sealant on your vehicle you can use the hosepipe (without any attachments) and place it on a panel. You’ll find it will let the water sheet which will basically take off the majority of water for you.

If you haven’t got that good of a wax/sealant on the surface, then you could opt for a plush microfibre towel with a high gsm. If you’re really looking at speeding it up, you can look to purchase a leaf blower to blast the water off of your vehicle – this works 100 times better by the way if you do have a good wax/sealant on the car.

We would not recommend leaving it in the sun – whilst this will speed things up it has a very high chance of leaving water spots.

Can I use a leaf blower to dry my car?

Yes, you can use a leaf blower to dry your car. Your neighbours might think that it is a bit extreme, but honestly, if you can get over that it makes the entire process 100 times quicker. It is particularly good for drying your wheels and thus will reduce the chance of your brake discs rusting over and producing an orange coating when you next drive your car.

How can I dry my car without touching it?

The easiest way to dry your car without touching it (as mentioned above) is to use a leaf blower. If you combine the hosepipe sheeting method with a leaf blower you could dry your car within 5 minutes, easily.

Can you use an air compressor to dry your car?

Yes, you can use an air compressor to dry your car. Although, an air compressor is more used for the nitty gritty areas and generally not really used on large surface areas such as the bonnet. An air compressor is mainly used to dry areas like the brake discs/pads, door jams and so on. It is not really efficient for you to be using an air compressor and using a leaf blower would be much wiser.

Can I dry my car with a cotton towel?

No. Cotton towels can leave marks on your paintwork and do not particularly absorb water well in comparison to microfibre towels. They can also leave lint on the panels. The best advice would be to not use a cotton towel and purchase a decent microfibre towel.

Which is better chamois or microfiber?

A microfiber towel is 100 times better than a chamois. A chamois is very old school and does not perform as well as a microfiber towel does – nowhere near. In our experience they need to be wrung out every other panel, feel like your scratching the surface – overall a horrible experience. Get yourself a good plush microfiber towel and be at peace knowing not only are you using the most time-efficient method but also you’re not harming your paintwork.

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How do you dry a car with a sham? Is chamois good for drying a car?

If you really want to use a sham (chamois), we would highly recommend you do not, you need to dampen it first before using it. Once you’ve done this, it allows for the chamois to absorb the water from your car a little better. Do not put it on a panel dry, you’ll almost hear the chamois making a scratching sound and you’ll be regretting it. As we’ve mentioned above, get yourself a microfibre towel… a chamois is old school!

How can I wash my car without leaving water spots?

This can be difficult because it depends on what the water is like in your area. However, if we forget about that for a second (because we can’t all realistically have fancy filters and so on) what can you actually do to prevent water spots? Well, we’d recommend you wash the car as you normally would (in the shade, not in sunlight) and when you dry use a plush high gsm microfibre towel combined with a quick detailer. We went over some quick details you can use in this article. They assist in the drying process by providing lubrication between the panel and microfibre towel and also top up the protection on the panels.