Best way to clean a car interior dash

The best way to clean a car interior dash would be depending on how dirty the surface is. I would recommend a combination of a vacuum, two microfibre cloths, a soft bristle brush, all purpose cleaner and a tub of warm water. With regards to the best process to do, we will go through that below.

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You’ve probably attempted to clean your car interior with a wipe or a cloth with just water on it. At the moment of wiping it down it looks fairly clean and you think you’ve done a good job… right until you return the next time to sit in your car to find smears and left over lint from the cloth you’ve used. Yes, you’ve got rid of dirt but it doesn’t look perfectly clean.

Recommended Items

Microfibre Cloths

Glart Plush Microfibre Cloths

All Purpose Cleaner

Bilt Hamber Surfex HD

Step 1: Pick up as must dust/debris using your vacuum

Use your vacuum (or hoover as it is known in the UK) to remove as much debris/dust as possible. Use all available attachments. Usually, they come with a pretty handy soft bristle attachment which makes vacuuming your entire dashboard, steering wheel, doors and seats a breeze. You’ll want to save the thin vertical attachment to get into the hard to get areas like down the sides of the dash and within the vents. Use your soft bristle brush to dislodge dirt as you vacuum if required.

Step 2: Microfibre Cloths, All Purpose Cleaner and Warm Water

Next up, you’ll need to use these three items. Make sure the microfibre cloth is damp, and spray the all purpose cleaner on your cloth and begin to wipe. Use warm water regularly to ensure that you are cleaning the surface with a clean cloth. Do an area at a time, because you’ll need your dry microfibre towel to dry the area – this will eliminate any smearing from occurring and thus leaving the surface perfect and free from water marks/residue from the all purpose cleaner.

What household products can I use to clean the inside of my car?

I would avoid using any household products to clean the inside of your car. Go for something that is specifically made for interior car detailing. There are a whole host of items that you can purchase. They will last a long time, and you’ll be rest assured by reading the packaging that they’re intended for the surface you are trying to clean. For example, I would only clean leather seats with a specific leather cleaner otherwise you run the risk of damaging your car.

Can I clean my car interior with dish soap?

No, we wouldn’t recommend it. It would be wise to purchase a specifically made product for cleaning the interior of your car such as the Autoglym Interior Shampoo which is specifically made for interiors and fabrics. This eliminates the possibility of any damage or stickiness due to the use of the wrong product.


This article is one of those articles that you might feel you shouldn’t need to search for, but do because you just want to make sure. That’s ok – researching how to do something before you’ve done is fine. Hopefully it has helped clarify the best way to do it and as a result you’ll end up with a clean interior with no smears or left over lint.