Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Review

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Review

Autoglym is a widely recognised manufacturer within the car detailing industry. Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Autoglym and 9 out of 10 people will at least know they’re a brand linked with washing cars. They might also mention the words Halfords if you’re talking to people that don’t have an interest in car detailing. Naturally, one of the questions you might ask would be “Is Autoglym HD Wax any good?. You might ask that due to its heavily established brand name, and I’ve written the following article to help you make up your own mind on whether this car wax is for you.

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What is the best car wax?

The most standard question someone would ask getting into detailing would be “What is the best car wax?”. Whether you’ve just bought your first car, or have suddenly decided to take an interest in washing your car most people would just like to know what the best product is. This is where it becomes difficult, because like with any product (really) best is subjective and is open to interpretation. You could be asking the best product regardless of price, or the best product for a given price range and there are just too many variables to label something such as the best car wax you will find.

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Contents

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How to use Autoglym HD Wax?

Autoglym HD Wax is fairly simple to use. I am sure it goes without saying but I’ll mention it anyway – don’t take any offence! Your car will need to be as clean as possible. Everyone has access to different tools, some just a bucket, a hose pipe or a pressure washer. If your vehicle is extremely dirty and you do not have access to a hosepipe/pressure washer setup then I would strongly suggest you go to a local garage and use their pressure washer. My local petrol station is priced at around £1 per minute which is ok I guess. You can read my article here if you’re unfamiliar with a proper wash technique. Proceed to then wash your car, using a two bucket method to minimise the chance of scratches. Dry your car with a microfibre towel.

Once your car is dry you can get ready to apply the wax. With the vast majority of waxes, you need to purchase applicator pads so that you can apply it (usually it’s just the bottle or container that you buy. Autoglym provides the HD Wax in a package which includes an applicator pad and a microfibre towel for you to buff off the residue.

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax  Application

Application is as follows;

  1. Apply a thin layer of HD Wax using your applicator pad on each panel – tip: start with the roof. Apply in a circular motion so that it overlaps.
  2. I personally apply it over the entire car including the glass – yes you can apply Autoglym HD Wax to glass.
  3. After doing the entire car, it should have been at least 10 minutes for it to haze over. Then follow the same order of application and buff off using the supplied microfibre towel.

You’ll notice that it feels glossy and smooth, and should see some added depth to your paint. Now, this is, of course, assuming your car is in fairly decent to excellent condition – unfortunately it isn’t going to provide a deep gloss if your panels have scratches on them…. this is common sense, you should, however, notice additional depth to your panels.

Autoglym Durability and Shelf Life

So you might be wondering, after that process how long does Autoglym HD Wax last? and perhaps wondering if you can wax your car every week to keep it looking tip-top. I would say that it lasts around two to three weeks in its peak condition… as in looking almost as good as when you just finished buffing off the residue on the last panel. You’ll notice the beading start to diminish week four into four. Therefore, I would recommend waxing your car every three to four weeks. Any more frequent than that it might be a bit too much – it is fairly time-consuming using the applicator pad to do your entire car. Please note: I am talking from my own personal opinion here. It is claimed to last months, and that it can do…. however I am giving my personal experience on it giving me the same outcome as when I applied it… I don’t want to look at my car two months in and think ”Ah, there is still some beading!”.

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax  Beading

Can you wax a car without polishing?

You can wax a car without polishing. Polishing is a form of paint correction, whereas wax can be seen as a layer on top of. For the best results, you should polish all panels and then apply wax. That is the ideal situation, but as I mentioned earlier with some not having access to a hose pipe… we can’t all be in an ideal situation and sometimes we have to make the best out of what is currently at our disposal. If you have the opportunity to, then yes definitely polish your car your outcome will be much better.

Which is better carnuba or synthetic wax?

The Autoglym HD Wax contains carnauba and there are mixed opinions on which is the better of the two. I am on the fence between choosing either of them, although I do lean more towards carnauba based products because they’re tried and tested but I don’t want to be too stuck in my ways and I realise the benefits of ‘man-made’ synthetic wax contains – such as a theoretical higher durability time, better beading etc.

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Sheeting

Is ceramic coating better than wax?

Ceramic coating is in a different league to wax in my opinion. The most basic way of describing the two would be (in my opinion) wax is a soft layer that isn’t necessarily stuck to the surface on a permanent basis. Meaning once it has ‘run out’ or you decide to use a product to strip because you feel like trying a new one you can do so. With ceramic coating think of it like cling film on your surface, an actual hardened plastic on each panel. Obviously it’s an extreme way to look at it, but hopefully, it helps. The ceramic coating on YouTube videos comes across as do it once and reap the benefits for life – but it requires a fair amount of upkeep just like wax does. Ceramic coating is superior to waxing, however, it also costs more (generally) and requires a higher level of skill to apply (messing the application can leave a residue like marks and prove difficult to rectify).

Can I get similiar results with the Autoglym Wax Spray?

You could. The lasting effects of it however might be well under one week depending on the conditions. It might be a good alternative if you plan on washing your car every week or two at a push and use it as a drying aid. In contrast, the Autoglym Wax Spray (also known as Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax) is used as-you-dry the vehicle so it takes a fraction of the time to apply so it would make sense that it wouldn’t last as long.

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Conclusion


  • Loved the beading and sheeting effect.
  • Fairly long lasting, two to three weeks you still get the ‘original’ application benefits.
  • Provides a glossy feel, and a great depth to the paintwork.


  • Found there to be a white powder residue at times when buffing off with a microfibre towel. Became a little bit of a problem with black trim areas. It didn’t stain however left some residue in the crevices.
  • Application can become a little tough after your first few applications, perhaps due to a build up on the applicator pad. Not necessarily a problem with the product, but it may mean that one has to purchase some additional applicator pads.
Water beading and sheeting on a BMW E92 M3