autoglym super resin polish review

Autoglym Super Resin Polish Review

When I first got started into detailing, this was a product that I continously saw but had absolutley no idea what it was for. I would be researching and researching, and every now and then this would pop up and I would, for some reason, continually ignore it or never feel like researching it. I genuinely have no idea why.

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Looking back on it, perhaps it was because it had the word Polish in it and I was far too nervous to use any form of polishing on my car in fear of accidentally scratching the panels myself. I was doing my best to use my new techniques such as the two bucket method, plush microfibre towels to dry – the last thing I wanted to do was purchase a polish… after all I had briefly read that it interacts with the clear coat which, on YouTube, led me to a wet sanding video and put me off completely. That was many years ago, and hopefully, this article will serve you well in bringing an overall view as to what Autoglym Super Resin Polish actually is.

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Autoglym Super Resin Polish – Image courtesy of Autoglym

What is Autoglym Super Resin Polish?

Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish (SRP as its mentioned on many forums) is a polish that contains fillers that diminish over time. Now that sounds like a bad thing and you might think ”Wow, so negative so early in a review?!”. Well, it does have its pros. Turns out I wasn’t too paranoid overall. The fact that Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish contains fillers that diminish over time makes it extremely beginner-friendly and nowhere near as aggressive as an actual polish.

How does Autoglym Super Resin Polish Work? Does Autoglym Super Resin Polish remove scratches?

Picture this. Your car panel features three layers. The base, the paint and the clear coat. The clear coat is a coat that is clear and acts as a protection to the main colour paint. When scratches are introduced (e.g. Swirl Marks from incorrect washing technique) they are mini scratches that happen to the clear coat (hopefully). Providing it goes no further than the clear coat, these scratches are somewhat recoverable. By an advanced means, you can get polishing compound and a dual-action polishing machine – or an easy alternative is this – the Autoglym Super Resin Polish which can be applied with a microfibre sponge pad. Alternatively, you can use Autoglym’s Perfect Polish applicator pads – the best way to apply Autoglym super resin polish.

Is Autoglym Super Resign Polish Any Good? How long does Super Resin Polish last?

Autoglym’s SRP works by filling in all the micro gaps, thus giving the appearance as if there isn’t any. Now it isn’t a miracle worker, but it does an excellent job at doing so and a noticeable difference can be had from using it. The downside to this easy, low-risk application is that it doesn’t last (unlike the polishing compound and dual action polishing machine method). Over time, with each passing day, the ‘filler’ will disappear.

Can you use Autoglym Super Resin Polish on glass?

It is not recommended that you use it on glass. Autoglym SRP is only suitable for painted bodywork. It just isn’t designed to work on glass, so best keep it away from it.

Meguiar’s DA Polisher – Image courtesy of Halfords.

Can you apply Autoglym Super Resin Polish with a DA (Dual Action) Polisher?

Yes you can. Make sure you are using a soft, microfibre pad. We would recommend the Meguiar’s Dual Action DA Machine Polisher.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Works great as a temporary measure to cover minor imperfections which helps give your car a nice deep shine.
  • Instant results.
  • Buffs off without too much residue.

Really easy to apply. The application is done in circular motions (think of it as you mimicking an orbital polisher) and left. I tend to leave mine for at least two panels before I go to buff off with a fresh microfibre towel. The results it gives, given the ease of application, can be quite amazing, to be honest with you. If you’ve ever used a dual action polisher and compound you’ll know it can take hours (likely days) – yes it’s permanent’ it is not an easy process and this makes for an excellent alternative – it is priced fairly too. Thankfully it doesn’t leave too much residue either which is a big plus.


  • Doesn’t last too long, will need to be re-applied fairly frequently depending on your expectations.
  • Leaves a residue on plastic trim, so best to avoid these areas as much as possible.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend you at least try Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish (SRP) whether you’re brand new to detailing or have finally decided to research it. It is handy to have when you don’t feel like putting in the hours with your dual action polisher and polishing compound and gives you fairly respectable results given that it is essentially just acting as a filler to the clearcoat to help bring back that extra depth and gloss to the paint. I would 100% recommend you stay away from any plastic trim, I’ve found it to be quite difficult to remove and an overall hassle so keeping clear is definitely worth it. I would also recommend the Autoglym Perfect Polish applicator pads – applying this to a whole car can be quite repetitive – I might sound old but my hands/fingers do tend to ‘lock-up’ if I am using a circular microfibre pad so they’re well worth the investment. I just pop them in a clear zip-lock bag once I’m finished and re-use next time.