all purpose cleaner for cars

All Purpose Cleaner for Cars

All purpose cleaners are one of the best value items you can purchase in your detailing quest. They’re extremely versatile. You can use them NEAT (aka no dilution) and dilute them as much as you’d like. Obviously, the dirtier the surface, the stronger the concentration will need to be. Hands down, the best APC we have tried and use is the Bilt Hamber Surfex HD.

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Best All Purpose Cleaner for Cars

Tyre Walls

Used NEAT alongisde a stiff bristle brush it works absolute wonders. Regardless of the tyre shine you’ve used on your tyres it will remove it with ease. If you’ve left a vehicle for a while you can always go 2 rounds or until the foaming is white. You’ll be surprised to see how much dirt is caked on the tyres as the white foam on round 1 will turn brown.

Removing Wax, Polish and Sealant

If you’re looking to do a reset on your car, an All Purpose Cleaner such as Bilt Hamber Surfex HD can help to remove existing wax, polish and sealant so you have your best chance of your new sealant being the only sealant that is on your car. If you mix wax/sealants together you will not get good results as they’ll likely conflict so an All Purpose Cleaner comes in handy for that.

Interior Cleaning

Diluted appropriately, it can be used to degrease the interior of a car too. You’ll know in the back of your mind it is doing its job (cleaning well) and isn’t costing an awful lot. When you dilute an APC and put it in the sprayer they last a long time.

Door Jams and other miscellaneous areas

Equip yourself with a soft bristle brush, a diluted sprayer containing All Purpose Cleaner and you can get into the nitty-gritty areas that your microfibre sponge will miss when you’re cleaning the entire car. There is nothing worse than cleaning your entire car and putting everything away to find that the door jams are still dirty and the gaps between the window and rubber sealing contain dirt/mould. With an all purpose cleaner in a spray bottle, you’ll naturally be looking for these areas you’ll usually miss.


It is worth investing in an all purpose cleaner for your car simply due to its versatility. Yes you could mix your car shampoo in a sprayer and mimic an all purpose cleaner but it simply isn’t going to be as strong and eat into the dirt as easily. It’ll foam, sure – but why make your job harder. i could see why you might take that stance as purchasing all of these items begins to cost quite a bit, but one product I wouldn’t skimp on is an All Purpose Cleaner. It is worth it alone for making the removal of old tyre shine a breeze!